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Application of spectral and spatial indices for specific class identification in Airborne Prism EXperiment (APEX) imaging spectrometer data for improved land cover classification

A Kallepalli, A Kumar, K KHOSHELHAM, DB James, U Michel (ed.), K Schulz (ed.), M Ehlers (ed.), KG Nikolakopoulos (ed.), D Civco (ed.)

Proceedings of SPIE | SPIE | Published : 2016


Hyperspectral remote sensing's ability to capture spectral information of targets in very narrow bandwidths gives rise to many intrinsic applications. However, the major limiting disadvantage to its applicability is its dimensionality, known as the Hughes Phenomenon. Traditional classification and image processing approaches fail to process data along many contiguous bands due to inadequate training samples. Another challenge of successful classification is to deal with the real world scenario of mixed pixels i.e. presence of more than one class within a single pixel. An attempt has been made to deal with the problems of dimensionality and mixed pixels, with an objective to improve the accur..

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