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Nuclear targeting of the serine protease granzyme A (fragmentin-1)

DA Jans, LJ Briggs, P Jans, CJ Froelich, G Parasivam, S Kumar, VR Sutton, JA Trapani

Journal of Cell Science | COMPANY OF BIOLOGISTS LTD | Published : 1998


Cytolytic granule-mediated target cell killing is effected in part through synergistic action of the membrane-acting protein perforin and serine proteases such as granzymes A (GrA) or B (GrB). In the present study we examine GrA cellular entry and nuclear uptake in intact mouse myeloid FDC-P1 cells exposed to perforin using confocal laser scanning microscopy, as well as reconstitute GrA nuclear uptake in vitro. GrA alone was found to be able to enter the cytoplasm of intact cells but did not accumulate in nuclei. In the presence of perforin, it specifically accumulated in the cell nuclei, with maximal levels about 2.5 times those in the cytoplasm after 2. 5 hours. In vitro, GrA accumulated i..

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