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Functional and structural characterization of the mammalian TREX-2 complex that links transcription with nuclear messenger RNA export

Divyang Jani, Sheila Lutz, Ed Hurt, Ronald A Laskey, Murray Stewart, Vihandha O Wickramasinghe

Nucleic Acids Research | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2012


Export of messenger RNA (mRNA) from the nucleus to the cytoplasm is a critical step in the gene expression pathway of eukaryotic cells. Here, we report the functional and structural characterization of the mammalian TREX-2 complex and show how it links transcription/processing with nuclear mRNA export. Mammalian TREX-2 is based on a germinal-centre associated nuclear protein (GANP) scaffold to which ENY2, PCID2 and centrins bind and depletion of any of these components inhibits mRNA export. The crystal structure of the GANP:ENY2 complex shows that two ENY2 chains interact directly with GANP, but they have different orientations from those observed on yeast Sac3. GANP is required to recruit E..

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Awarded by Medical Research Council (MRC)

Awarded by Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

V.O.W. acknowledges the support of Ashok Venkitaraman during the latter half of this study. S. L. was a recipient of an EMBO short-term fellowship to study in the lab of RAL.Medical Research Council (MRC) and Cancer Research UK; Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council grant (U105178939 to M. S.) in part. Funding for open access charge: University of Cambridge, Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust.