Conference Proceedings

Scenario based stochastic MPC schemes for rivers with feasibility ssurance

HA Nasir, S Garatti, E Weyer

2016 European Control Conference (ECC) | IEEE | Published : 2016


Water is a valuable resource, and improved management of rivers by using control techniques is receiving increased attention. Along a river there will typically be inflows from tributaries over which we have no control, but for which forecasts exist. The use of Stochastic Model Predictive Control (S-MPC) or a randomised version of it is a promising control strategy since it can accommodate such forecasts. However, due to uncertainties in the forecasts, the feasibility of the optimisation problem cannot be guaranteed in the presence of constraints. In this paper we consider two schemes for S-MPC of rivers that provide satisfactory results and guarantee feasibility via relaxation of the constr..

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