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The Golgi-targeting sequence of the peripheral membrane protein p230

L Kjer-Nielsen, C van Vliet, R Erlich, BH Toh, PA Gleeson

Journal of Cell Science | COMPANY BIOLOGISTS LTD | Published : 1999


Vesicle transport requires the recruitment of cytosolic proteins to specific membrane compartments. We have previously characterised a brefeldin A-sensitive trans-Golgi network-localised protein (p230) that is associated with a population of non-clathrin-coated vesicles. p230 recycles between the cytosol and the cytoplasmic face of buds/vesicles of trans-Golgi network membranes in a G protein-regulated manner. Identifying the mechanism responsible for Golgi targeting of p230 is important for the elucidation of its function. By transfection of COS cells with deletion mutants of p230 we here demonstrate that the C-terminal domain is necessary for targeting to the Golgi. Furthermore, the C-term..

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