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Interactions between nocturnal turbulent flux, storage and advection at an ‘ideal’ eucalypt woodland site

Ian D McHugh, Jason Beringer, Shaun C Cunningham, Patrick J Baker, Timothy R Cavagnaro, Ralph Mac Nally, Ross M Thompson

Copernicus GmbH


Abstract. While the eddy covariance technique has become an important technique for estimating long-term ecosystem carbon balance, under certain conditions the measured turbulent flux of carbon at a given height above an ecosystem does not represent the true surface flux. Profile systems have been deployed to measure periodic storage of carbon below the measurement height, but have not been widely adopted. This is most likely due to the additional expense and complexity, and possibly also the perception – given that net storage over intervals exceeding 24 hours is generally negligible – that these measurements are not particularly important. In this study, we used a three year record of net ..

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