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Last of the naval triumphs: revisiting some key Actian honours

FJ Vervaet, CJ Dart

Journal of Roman Archaeology | Journal of Roman Archaeology | Published : 2016


In 29 B.C., after his victories over Marcus Antonius (cos. 44, 34) and Cleopatra at Actium and in Egypt, Caesar Octavi(an)us, or Imperator Caesar Divi f., as he then wanted to be known, returned to Rome as the uncontested master of the Roman world. He did so in a carefully managed pageant that culminated with his triple triumph on 13, 14 and 15 Sextilis (the month later renamed Augustus in his honour) and the opening of the Temple of Divus Iulius in the Forum Romanum shortly thereafter, on the 18th. These ceremonies marked the culmination of his claim - a pompous declaration already made in the autumn of 36 in the aftermath of Naulochus - that he had put an end to war on land and sea through..

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