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Re-assessment of the mid to late Quaternary glacial and environmental history of the Boco Plain, western Tasmania

Paul Augustinus, David Fink, Michael-Shawn Fletcher, Ian Thomas

Quaternary Science Reviews | Elsevier | Published : 2017


The glacial geomorphology and drill core-based stratigraphy of the Boco Plain, western Tasmania, reveal a complex sequence of Quaternary glacial and non-glacial episodes. The upper part of the southern Boco Plain stratigraphy was previously dated by 14C and U-series on interbedded organics of MIS 1 to MIS 5 affinity. U-series dating of ferricretes associated with glacial diamictons from Boco Plain cores suggested that there were glacial advances broadly correlative with MIS 6, 8 and ≥10. However, terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (10Be and 26Al) exposure ages for the moraine sequence preserved on the wider Boco Plain area indicate that moraines previously attributed to MIS 6 and 8 advances were..

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Awarded by AINSE grant

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by AINSE grant 97/161 and a grant from the University of Auckland Research Committee. David Child undertook most of the cosmogenic nuclide sample preparation at ANSTO, whilst David Hannan assisted with the cosmogenic nuclide sampling fieldwork.