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Mélange versus forearc contributions to sedimentation and uplift, during rapid denudation of a young Banda forearc-continent collisional belt

B DUFFY, Julie Kalansky, Kari Bassett, Ron Harris, Mark Quigley, Douwe JJ van Hinsbergen, Lorna J Strachan, Yair Rosenthal

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences | Elsevier | Published : 2017


New sedimentary geochemistry and petrographic analyses provide the most extensive sedimentary documentation yet of the rapid denudation of the young Timor orogen. The data from three basins including two widely-separated, well-dated sections of the Synorogenic Megasequence of Timor-Leste, and a re-dated DSDP 262, constrain the source and timing of detrital sediment flux during forearc-continent collision along the Timor sector of the Banda Arc. The exhumed synorogenic piggy-back basins formed above a mélange unit that developed at the expense of a weak stratigraphic horizon in the Mesozoic stratigraphy, and was exhumed to the sea floor in latest Messinian time. Following an interval of deep ..

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Awarded by Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund

Awarded by ERC - Netherlands Starting Grant

Awarded by NWO VIDI - Netherlands grant

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was primarily funded by a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund grant to MQ (Fast-start grant M1137). BD was supported by a New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission Top Achiever Scholarship. RH was supported by various NSF grants. DJJvH was supported by ERC - Netherlands Starting Grant 306810 (SINK) and NWO VIDI - Netherlands grant 864.11.004. The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the University of Canterbury, where much of this research was conducted, and of our Timorese colleagues Jhony Suares, Lamberto Fernandes, Jhony dos Reis, Lourenco Pedro, and Andy Monteiro for support and camaraderie during our field campaigns. We are indebted to the Institute for Petroleum and Geology in Timor-Leste for their work to facilitate our research. Publication costs are covered by a UoM startup grant for BD. The authors gratefully acknowledge the efforts of Drs. Anthony Barber and Timothy Charlton, whose review comments were of great help in crafting the final version of this manuscript.