Journal article

When Proteostasis Goes Bad: Protein Aggregation in the Cell

Mona Radwan, Rebecca J Wood, Xiaojing Sui, Danny M Hatters

IUBMB LIFE | WILEY | Published : 2017


Protein aggregation is a hallmark of the major neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's and motor neuron and is a symptom of a breakdown in the management of proteome foldedness. Indeed, it is remarkable that under normal conditions cells can keep their proteome in a highly crowded and confined space without uncontrollable aggregation. Proteins pose a particular challenge relative to other classes of biomolecules because upon synthesis they must typically follow a complex folding pathway to reach their functional conformation (native state). Non-native conformations, including the unfolded nascent chain, are highly prone to aberrant interactions, leading to..

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