Conference Proceedings

Acoustic monitoring of speech impairment in motor neuron disease associated with frontotemporal dementia: a case series

A VOGEL, M Poole, D Darby, A Brodtmann

2ND CONGRESS OF THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF NEUROLOGY | European Journal of Neurology | Published : 2016


Frontotemporal dementia is the second most common form of younger onset dementia. A subset of people with this disorder develop motor neuron disease (MND) with associated speech impairment (dysarthria). Here, we aim to measure the progression of dysarthria in a case of FTD-MND with acoustic analysis. Four individuals with FTD (one developing concomitant MND) were longitudinally assessed over two years. Two acoustic measures demonstrated capacity to objectively monitor dysarthria in FTD-MND. These preliminary data highlight potential for the clinical use of these methods to identify the initial signs of bulbar onset motor neuron disease. Index terms: acoustics, disease monitoring, dysarthria,..

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