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Effects of dietary cottonseed oil and tannin supplements on protein and fatty acid composition of bovine milk

Aprianita Aprianita, Osaana N Donkor, Peter J Moate, S Richard O Williams, Martin J Auldist, Jae S Greenwood, Murray C Hannah, William J Wales, Todor Vasiljevic



This experiment was conducted to determine the effects of diets supplemented with cottonseed oil, Acacia mearnsii-condensed tannin extract, and a combination of both on composition of bovine milk. Treatment diets included addition of cottonseed oil (800 g/d; CSO), condensed tannin from Acacia mearnsii (400 g/d; TAN) or a combination of cottonseed oil (800 g/d) and condensed tannin (400 g/d; CPT) with a diet consisting of 6·0 kg dry matter (DM) of concentrates and alfalfa hay ad libitum, which also served as the control diet (CON). Relative to the CON diet, feeding CSO and CPT diets had a minor impact on feed intake and yield of lactose in milk. These diets increased yields of milk and protei..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Aprianita gratefully acknowledges receipt of a PhD scholarship from the Directorate General of Higher Education of Republic Indonesia. The authors also express their sincere gratitude to Dr Craige Trenerry (Department of Primary Industries, Werribee) for fatty acid analyses; and Murray Hannah (Department of Primary Industries, Ellinbank) for statistical analyses. We are also indebted to Di Mapleson, Tony Hookey, Greg Morris, Alan McDonald, and Brigid Ribeaux (Department of Primary Industries, Ellinbank) for performing the cow experiment. This experiment was supported by Department of Primary Industries - Victoria; Gardiner Foundation; Australia's Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; Dairy Australia; and Victoria University.