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Effect of grain supplementation and the provision of chemical or physical fibre on marginal milk production responses of cows grazing perennial ryegrass pastures

WJ Wales, YJ Williams, PT Doyle

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture | C S I R O PUBLISHING | Published : 2001


An experiment was undertaken to establish the marginal milk production response from cereal grain supplementation by dairy cows grazing irrigated perennial pastures in spring and whether the addition of a hay supplement would improve that response. Cows were offered perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)–white clover (Trifolium repensL.) pasture at allowances (measured to ground level) of 20 or 40 kg dry matter (DM)/ Additional cows offered the low allowance were also offered supplements of pasture hay as a cube or pellet (2.5 kg DM/day), cereal grain as a pellet (5.0 kg DM/day) or cereal grain plus pasture hay (7.5 kg DM/day) as a pellet (1.75:1 DM basis) or cube (1.97:1 DM basis). ..

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