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Dry matter intake and nutrient selection by lactating cows grazing irrigated pastures at different pasture allowances in summer and autumn

WJ Wales, PT Doyle, DW Dellow

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture | C S I R O PUBLICATIONS | Published : 1998


Summary. Three experiments investigating the effects of herbage allowance on the consumption of nutrients by lactating cows were conducted on irrigated perennial pastures in northern Victoria during summer and autumn. Experiment 1 was conducted in mid lactation (autumn–early winter) with perennial ryegrass [54% of dry matter (DM)]–white clover (22% of DM) pasture offered at allowances of 15, 20, 30 and 40 kg DM/ Herbage intake increased (P<0.001) from 8.0 to 14.6 kg DM/ as allowance increased and this was associated with a decrease (P<0.001) in utilisation from 54 to 37%. The cows consistently selected a diet 11% higher in in vitro dry matter digestibility than that in the pas..

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