Book Chapter

Learning from the enemy?: Entangling histories of the German-Soviet war, 1941–19451

M Edele

Totalitarian Dictatorship: New Histories | Routledge | Published : 2014


History as we know it is a child of nationalism. Conceived as part of the attempt to forge ethnically and culturally homogenous populations as the basis of the modern state, the profession has been carved up geographically, linguistically, and ethnically.2 Time and again, however, historians have tried to extricate themselves from the grip of the nation-state, be it through “world,” “universal,” or “comparative” history or even the history of civilizations. The most recent attempt at deliverance from the despotism of the nation is variously called “transnational,” “cross-national,” “transfer,” or “entangled” history. It tries to chart the ways in which objects, people, and ideas traveled bet..

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