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In vivo expression of Nurr1/Nr4a2a in developing retinal amacrine subtypes in zebrafish Tg(nr4a2a:eGFP) transgenics

Liana Goodings, Jie He, Alasdair J Wood, William A Harris, Peter D Currie, Patricia R Jusuf



The Nuclear receptor subfamily 4 group A member 2 (Nr4a2) is crucial for the formation or maintenance of dopaminergic neurons in the central nervous system including the retina, where dopaminergic amacrine cells contribute to visual function. Little is known about which cells express Nr4a2 at which developmental stage. Furthermore, whether Nr4a2 functions in combination with other genes is poorly understood. Thus, we generated a novel transgenic to visualize Nr4a2 expression in vivo during zebrafish retinogenesis. A 4.1 kb fragment of the nr4a2a promoter was used to drive green fluorescent protein expression in this Tg(nr4a2a:eGFP) line. In situ hybridization showed that transgene expression..

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Awarded by ARC Discovery Project

Awarded by ARC DECRA

Funding Acknowledgements

This project is supported by an ARC Discovery Project grant (DP130102395) and ARC DECRA (DE120101311) and Research Grant Support Scheme (University of Melbourne). The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is supported by funds from the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Federal Government.