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Cladistic and phenetic analyses of phylogenetic relationships among populations of Eucalyptus caesia

SD Hopper, MA Burgman

Australian Journal of Botany | Published : 1983


Numerical cladistic and phenetic analyses were undertaken on allozyme and morphometric data from 11 populations of the south-western Australian granite rock mallee Eucalyptus caesia. Differing minimum-length Wagner networks were obtained from both the continuous and binary coded allozyme and morphometric data sets. Pooling the continuous allozyme and morphometric data sets, or analysing the morphometric data set alone, gave the most biogeographically parsimonious networks. These analyses suggest that, of the two subspecies of E. caesia, magna is monophyletic while caesia is paraphyletic. Magna probably was derived from an ancestral population of caesia to which the extant Yanneymooning Hill ..

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