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Long-Term Nickel Contamination Increases the Occurrence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Agricultural Soils

Hang-Wei Hu, Jun-Tao Wang, Jing Li, Xiu-Zhen Shi, Yi-Bing Ma, Deli Chen, Ji-Zheng He

Environmental Science and Technology | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2017


Heavy metal contamination is assumed to be a selection pressure on antibiotic resistance, but to our knowledge, evidence of the heavy metal-induced changes of antibiotic resistance is lacking on a long-term basis. Using quantitative PCR array and Illumina sequencing, we investigated the changes of a wide spectrum of soil antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) following 4-5 year nickel exposure (0-800 mg kg-1) in two long-term experimental sites. A total of 149 unique ARGs were detected, with multidrug and β-lactam resistance as the most prevailing ARG types. The frequencies and abundance of ARGs tended to increase along the gradient of increasing nickel concentrations, with the highest values re..

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