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The experiences of detained mental health service users: issues of dignity in care

Mary Chambers, Ann Gallagher, Rohan Borschmann, Steve Gillard, Kati Turner, Xenya Kantaris

BMC MEDICAL ETHICS | BMC | Published : 2014


BACKGROUND: When mental health service users are detained under a Section of the Mental Health Act (MHA), they must remain in hospital for a specific time period. This is often against their will, as they are considered a danger to themselves and/or others. By virtue of being detained, service users are assumed to have lost control of an element of their behaviour and as a result their dignity could be compromised. Caring for detained service users has particular challenges for healthcare professionals. Respecting the dignity of others is a key element of the code of conduct for health professionals. Often from the service user perspective this is ignored. METHODS: This paper reports on the ..

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