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General and specific factors in the processing of faces

Roeland J Verhallen, Jenny M Bosten, Patrick T Goodbourn, Adam J Lawrance-Owen, Gary Bargary, JD Mollon



The ability to recognize faces varies considerably between individuals, but does performance co-vary for tests of different aspects of face processing? For 397 participants (of whom the majority were university students) we obtained scores on the Mooney Face Test, Glasgow Face Matching Test (GFMT), Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT) and Composite Face Test. Overall performance was significantly correlated for each pair of tests, and we suggest the term f for the factor underlying this pattern of positive correlations. However, there were large variations in the amount of variance shared by individual tests: The GFMT and CFMT are strongly related, whereas the GFMT and the Mooney test tap large..

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Awarded by Gatsby Charitable Foundation, UK

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, UK (GAT2903). We thank Mike Burton and colleagues for making available the Glasgow Face Matching Test, Brad Duchaine and colleagues for making available the Cambridge Face Memory Test, and Jennifer Richler and colleagues for making available their version of the Composite Face Test. We are grateful to Ruth Hogg for her part in establishing the PERGENIC battery, and to Emily Clemente, Julien Bauer and Kerry Cliffe of Cambridge Genomic Services for their valuable help.