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No Evidence for Genetic Contribution of Ocular Dominance: The Guangzhou Twin Eye Study.

Xixi Yan, Nathan Congdon, Jian Zhang, Qianyun Chen, Xinxing Guo, Mingguang He

Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology | Published : 2014


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to explore the heritability of ocular dominance in a classic twin study. DESIGN: A classical twin study. METHODS: Twins aged 7 to 19 years enrolled from the Guangzhou Twin Registry received comprehensive eye examinations. Ocular dominance was assessed by the "hole-in-the-card test" by trained optometrists. Zygosity of the participants was confirmed by genotyping in all same-sex twin pairs. The pairwise concordance rate was calculated as the main outcome. RESULTS: After excluding 110 children with anisometropia of 2.0 diopters or greater and 24 children with alternating ocular dominance, a total of 941 twin pairs were identified in the analysis, includin..

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