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Skeletal intramyocellular lipid metabolism and insulin resistance.

Yiran Li, Shimeng Xu, Xuelin Zhang, Zongchun Yi, Simon Cichello

Biophysics Reports | Published : 2015


Lipids stored in skeletal muscle cells are known as intramyocellular lipid (IMCL). Disorders involving IMCL and its causative factor, circulatory free fatty acids (FFAs), induce a toxic state and ultimately result in insulin resistance (IR) in muscle tissue. On the other hand, intramuscular triglyceride (IMTG), the most abundant component of IMCL and an essential energy source for active skeletal muscle, is different from other IMCLs, as it is stored in lipid droplets and plays a pivotal role in skeletal muscle energy homeostasis. This review discusses the association of FFA-induced ectopic lipid accumulation and IR, with specific emphasis on the relationship between IMCL/IMTG metabolism and..

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