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Testing for local adaptation and evolutionary potential along altitudinal gradients in rainforest Drosophila: beyond laboratory estimates

Eleanor K O'Brien, Megan Higgie, Alan Reynolds, Ary A Hoffmann, Jon R Bridle

Global Change Biology | Wiley | Published : 2017


Predicting how species will respond to the rapid climatic changes predicted this century is an urgent task. Species distribution models (SDMs) use the current relationship between environmental variation and species’ abundances to predict the effect of future environmental change on their distributions. However, two common assumptions of SDMs are likely to be violated in many cases: (i) that the relationship of environment with abundance or fitness is constant throughout a species’ range and will remain so in future and (ii) that abiotic factors (e.g. temperature, humidity) determine species’ distributions. We test these assumptions by relating field abundance of the rainforest fruit fly Dro..

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Awarded by Natural Environment Research Council Standard Grant

Awarded by Natural Environment Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We are very grateful to Peter Alexander, Chris Clinton, Ciara Mann, Amanda McGeady and Lara Meade for technical assistance. Thank you to Roger Butlin for helpful discussions on experimental design and to James Buckley and three anonymous reviewers, whose insightful comments on earlier versions have greatly improved this manuscript. This work was funded by a Natural Environment Research Council Standard Grant (no. NE/G007039/1) to JRB and an Australian Research Council grant to MH. The authors declare no conflict of interest. Data are available from the authors upon request.