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Affective Parenting Behaviors, Adolescent Depression, and Brain Development: A Review of Findings From the Orygen Adolescent Development Study

Orli S Schwartz, Julian G Simmons, Sarah Whittle, Michelle L Byrne, Marie BH Yap, Lisa B Sheeber, Nicholas B Allen



Parenting plays a multifaceted role in adolescent development. In this article, we review studies based on an observational assessment of affective parenting behaviors collected as part of the longitudinal Orygen Adolescent Development Study and explore three ways that parenting may predict adolescent-onset depression. Specifically, we review findings that observed affective parental behaviors prospectively predict depressive symptoms and the onset of depressive disorder, predict adolescent depression indirectly via emotion regulation, and interact with brain development to predict adolescent depression. Parents who express higher frequencies of aggression or lower frequencies of positivity,..

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