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No evidence of a role for mitochondrial complex I in Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis

Garrett Z Ng, Bi-Xia Ke, Adrienne Laskowski, David R Thorburn, Philip Sutton

HELICOBACTER | WILEY | Published : 2017


BACKGROUND: Complex I is the first enzyme complex in the mitochondrial respiratory chain, responsible for generating a large fraction of energy during oxidative phosphorylation. Recently, it has been identified that complex I deficiency can result in increased inflammation due to the generation of reactive oxygen species by innate immune cells. As a reduction in complex I activity has been demonstrated in human stomachs with atrophic gastritis, we investigated whether complex I deficiency could influence Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ndufs6gt/gt mice have a partial complex I deficiency. Complex I activity was quantified in the stomachs and immune cells of Ndufs6gt/..

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