Journal article

Can raingardens produce food and retain stormwater? Effects of substrates and stormwater application method on plant water use, stormwater retention and yield

Paul J Richards, Nicholas SG Williams, Tim D Fletcher, Claire Farrell

Ecological Engineering | Elsevier | Published : 2017


Raingardens capture and filter urban stormwater using sandy soils and drought-tolerant plants. An emerging question is whether raingardens can also be used as vegetable gardens, potentially increasing their popularity and implementation. A successful vegetable raingarden will need to both retain stormwater and produce vegetables, despite potential water deficits between rainfall events. To determine whether raingardens can provide this dual functionality, we undertook a greenhouse pot experiment using two different substrates (loamy sand raingarden substrate and potting mix typical of containerised vegetable growing) and two methods of stormwater application (‘sub-surface’ and ‘surface’ wate..

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