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The Ottawa panel clinical practice guidelines for the management of knee osteoarthritis. Part two: strengthening exercise programs

Lucie Brosseau, Jade Taki, Brigit Desjardins, Odette Thevenot, Marlene Fransen, George A Wells, Aline Mizusaki Imoto, Karine Toupin-April, Marie Westby, Inmaculada C Alvarez Gallardo, Wendy Gifford, Lucie Laferriere, Prinon Rahman, Laurianne Loew, Gino De Angelis, Sabrina Cavallo, Shirin Mehdi Shallwani, Ala' Aburub, Kim L Bennell, Martin Van der Esch Show all



OBJECTIVE: To identify effective strengthening exercise programs and provide rehabilitation teams and patients with updated, high-quality recommendations concerning traditional land-based exercises for knee osteoarthritis. METHODS: A systematic search and adapted selection criteria included comparative controlled trials with strengthening exercise programs for patients with knee osteoarthritis. A panel of experts reached consensus on the recommendations using a Delphi survey. A hierarchical alphabetical grading system (A, B, C+, C, D, D+ or D-) was based on statistical significance ( p < 0.5) and clinical importance (⩾15% improvement). RESULTS: The 26 high-quality studies identified demonstr..

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