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On an Analogue Signal Processing Circuit in the Nematode C. elegans

Roghieh Skandari, Yuichi Iino, Jonathan H Manton, J Patton (ed.), R Barbieri (ed.), J Ji (ed.), E Jabbari (ed.), S Dokos (ed.), R Mukkamala (ed.), D Guiraud (ed.), E Jovanov (ed.), Y Dhaher (ed.), D Panescu (ed.), M Vangils (ed.), B Wheeler (ed.), AP Dhawan (ed.)

Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) | IEEE | Published : 2016


In this work we will work on analogue signal processing in the neural circuit of C. elegans which is able to detect the analogue signals from the environment and produce locomotive behaviours which are in accordance with experiments. The signals in C. elegans are processed in a purely analogue procedure, since no action potential has been recorded in its neural activity. We aim to show how signal processing can be executed in analogue domain in a living creature. In order to do that we will model two different behaviours of C. elegans which are generated in the same network of neurons, klinotaxis behaviour and isothermal tracking. We will implement a Genetic Algorithm to find appropriate set..

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