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A genetic and environmental analysis of a twin family study of alcohol use, anxiety, and depression.

CA Clifford, JL Hopper, DW Fulker, RM Murray

Genetic Epidemiology | Published : 1984


Alcohol consumption, anxiety, and depression were measured by questionnaire in 572 twin families ascertained from the Institute of Psychiatry (London) normal twin register, each family consisting of an adult twin pair, their parents, and siblings--a total of 1,742 individuals. A multivariate normal model for pedigree analysis was applied to each variable, with power transformations fitted to maximise the fit with distributional assumptions. The effect of shared twin environment was estimated by considering the measured cohabitation history of twin pairs. For log-transformed alcohol consumption, amongst current drinkers this effect was the same for MZ and DZ pairs but depended on the cohabita..

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