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Improving dynamic response of a single-spool gas turbine engine using a nonlinear contoller

OF Ql, NRL Maccallum, PJ Gawthrop

Volume 5: Manufacturing Materials and Metallurgy; Ceramics; Structures and Dynamics; Controls, Diagnostics and Instrumentation; Education | Published : 1992


This paper describes the design of a closed-loop nonlinear controller to improve the dynamic response of a single-spool gas turbine engine. The nonlinear controller is obtained by scheduling the gains of multivariable compensators as a function of engine non-dimensional shaft speed. The compensators, whose outputs are fuel flow and nozzle area, are designed using optimal control theory based on a set of linear models generated from a nonlinear engine simulation. Investigations are also made into developing simple algorithms to obtain an analytical expression for the compressor given its characteristic. The detailed process of developing a nonlinear simulation model for the engine is also des..

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