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High dose dietary vitamin D3 increases bone mass and strength in mice.

Liam Williamson, Alan Hayes, Erik D Hanson, Peter Pivonka, Natalie A Sims, Jonathan H Gooi

Bone Rep | Published : 2017


Vitamin D plays a critical role in skeletal homeostasis. Vitamin D supplementation is used worldwide to maintain optimal bone health, but the most appropriate level of supplementation remains controversial. This study aimed to determine the effects of varying doses of dietary vitamin D3 on the mechanical properties and morphology of growing bone. Eight-week-old female mice were supplied with one of 3 diets, each containing a different dose of vitamin D3: 1000 IU/kg (control), 8000 IU/kg or 20,000 IU/kg. Mice had ad libitum access to the specialty diet for 4 weeks before they were culled and their tibiae collected for further analysis. The collected tibia underwent three-point bending and ref..

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