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Estimating urban water demand under conditions of rapid growth: the case of Shanghai (vol 17, pg 1153, 2017)

Maotian Li, Brian Finlayson, Michael Webber, Jon Barnett, Sophie Webber, Sarah Rogers, Zhongyuan Chen, Taoyuan Wei, Jing Chen, Xiaodan Wu, Mark Wang

Regional Environmental Change | SPRINGER HEIDELBERG | Published : 2017


In the original publication of the article, when changes were made to make the exponents uniform throughout the paper, the decimal points were not adjusted accordingly. Following are the correct numbers: • On page 4 the first line in the first paragraph should read as follows: of 4.10 × 109 m3 a-1. These are located in remote and rural. • On page 4 the second line in the second paragraph should read as follows: supplied 3.12 × 109 m3 a-1 in 2013, and which are mostly. • On page 4 the numbers on the y axes of both Fig. 1a, b should be reduced by a factor of 10. • On page 4 lines 11 to 16 in the third paragraph should read as follows: period 1978–2013 increased from 0.97 × 109 m3 a-1 to 3.10 ×..

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