Victorian Alpine Plot Network (ATEX): Plot Microclimate Data, Bogong High Plains, Victoria, Australia, 2004–2013

AA Hoffmann, J CAMAC, CH Wahren


The objective of the Australian Tundra Experiment is to assess the likely response of vegetation and invertebrates to temperature increases attained through passive warming. The Australian Tundra Experiment follows the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) protocol (Molau & Mølgaard 1996, Jarrad et al. 2009) which focuses on the growth and phenological responses of cold adapted vascular plant species to environmental change, specifically, to an increase in summer (growing season) temperatures. In addition to monitoring vegetation responses, the experimental warming chambers were used to monitor the response of invertebrates to warming. Warming is achieved using hexagonal fibreglass open-top..

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