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Understanding the drivers and barriers to participation in wild canid management in Australia: Implications for the adoption of a new toxin, para-aminopropiophenone

D Southwell, V Boero, O Mewett, S McCowen, B Hennecke

International Journal of Pest Management | Taylor & Francis | Published : 2013


Wild canids (Canis lupus familiaris, C. l. dingo, C. l. familiaris × l. dingo and Vulpes vulpes) are considered to be major pests in several Australian land tenures. Although a suite of tools is available to reduce the impact of these vertebrate carnivores, the drivers and barriers that influence participation in management and adoption of new management tools are poorly understood. We therefore surveyed public and private land managers, both to record their perceptions toward wild canid management and to identify the social forces that influence the adoption of a new toxin, para-aminopropiophenone (PAPP). The results of the survey demonstrate that PAPP is well placed to overcome barriers to..

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