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MiR-137-derived polygenic risk: effects on cognitive performance in patients with schizophrenia and controls.

D Cosgrove, D Harold, O Mothersill, R Anney, MJ Hill, NJ Bray, G Blokland, T Petryshen, undefined Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium, A Richards, K Mantripragada, M Owen, MC O'Donovan, M Gill, A Corvin, DW Morris, G Donohoe

Transl Psychiatry | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 2017


Variants at microRNA-137 (MIR137), one of the most strongly associated schizophrenia risk loci identified to date, have been associated with poorer cognitive performance. As microRNA-137 is known to regulate the expression of ~1900 other genes, including several that are independently associated with schizophrenia, we tested whether this gene set was also associated with variation in cognitive performance. Our analysis was based on an empirically derived list of genes whose expression was altered by manipulation of MIR137 expression. This list was cross-referenced with genome-wide schizophrenia association data to construct individual polygenic scores. We then tested, in a sample of 808 pati..

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