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A gene pathway analysis highlights the role of cellular adhesion molecules in multiple sclerosis susceptibility.

V Damotte, L Guillot-Noel, NA Patsopoulos, L Madireddy, M El Behi, undefined International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium, undefined Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2, PL De Jager, SE Baranzini, I Cournu-Rebeix, B Fontaine

Genes Immun | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 2014


Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) perform per-SNP association tests to identify variants involved in disease or trait susceptibility. However, such an approach is not powerful enough to unravel genes that are not individually contributing to the disease/trait, but that may have a role in interaction with other genes as a group. Pathway analysis is an alternative way to highlight such group of genes. Using SNP association P-values from eight multiple sclerosis (MS) GWAS data sets, we performed a candidate pathway analysis for MS susceptibility by considering genes interacting in the cell adhesion molecule (CAMs) biological pathway using Cytoscape software. This network is a strong candi..

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