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Role of glomerular filtration rate in the impaired sodium and water excretion of patients with the nephrotic syndrome.

MD Shapiro, KM Nicholls, BM Groves, RW Schrier

American Journal of Kidney Diseases | Published : 1986


Hemodynamic and hormonal factors were monitored in nine patients with nephrotic syndrome who were evaluated relative to their capacity to excrete a 20-mL/kg water load (normal greater than 80%). In five "nonexcretor" patients (37% of water load excreted in five hours), as compared to four normal excretors (105% of water load excreted in five hours; P less than .01 v nonexcretors), neither BP (131/88 v 119/79 mm Hg), pulse (74 v 77 beats/min), cardiac index (3.7 v 3.1 L/min/m2), pulmonary wedge pressure (9.3 v 7.3 mm Hg), systemic vascular resistance (1537 v 1254 dynes-sec-cm-5), nor plasma volume (41.3 v 40.1 mL/kg) were different. Similarly, plasma renin activity (2.6 v 3.7 ng/mL/h), plasma..

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