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A systematic review of the impacts and management of introduced deer (family Cervidae) in Australia

Naomi E Davis, Ami Bennett, David M Forsyth, David MJS Bowman, Edward C Lefroy, Samuel W Wood, Andrew P Woolnough, Peter West, Jordan O Hampton, Christopher N Johnson



Deer are among the world's most successful invasive mammals and can have substantial deleterious impacts on natural and agricultural ecosystems. Six species have established wild populations in Australia, and the distributions and abundances of some species are increasing. Approaches to managing wild deer in Australia are diverse and complex, with some populations managed as 'game' and others as 'pests'. Implementation of cost-effective management strategies that account for this complexity is hindered by a lack of knowledge of the nature, extent and severity of deer impacts. To clarify the knowledge base and identify research needs, we conducted a systematic review of the impacts and manage..

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