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The Australasian Diabetes Data Network: first national audit of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Helen Phelan, Helen Clapin, Loren Bruns, Fergus J Cameron, Andrew M Cotterill, Jennifer J Couper, Elizabeth A Davis, Kim C Donaghue, Craig A Jefferies, Bruce R King, Richard O Sinnott, Elaine B Tham, Jerry K Wales, Timothy W Jones, Maria E Craig



OBJECTIVES: To assess glycaemic control, anthropometry and insulin regimens in a national sample of Australian children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. DESIGN: Cross-sectional analysis of de-identified, prospectively collected data from the Australasian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN) registry. SETTING: Five paediatric diabetes centres in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. PARTICIPANTS: Children and adolescents (aged 18 years or under) with type 1 diabetes of at least 12 months' duration for whom data were added to the ADDN registry during 2015. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Glycaemic control was assessed by measuring haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels. Bod..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by the Australian Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network, led by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Australia, with additional funding by the Australian Research Council (through a Special Research Initiative) and the federal Department of Health and Ageing. Helen Phelan received a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Public Health and Health Services Research Scholarship. We thank the staff of the JDRF Australian Type 1 Clinical Research Network, particularly Dorota Pawlak and Maryanne Ng, for ongoing support and guidance. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution and support of the Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group (APEG) and Lyndell Wills, APEG Secretariat, and we also thank Albert Chan, Children's Hospital Westmead, Sydney, and Girard Good, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, for developing the clinical database and preparing data exports to the ADDN.