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The Role of Valence Focus and Appraisal Overlap in Emotion Differentiation

Yasemin Erbas, Eva Ceulemans, Peter Koval, Peter Kuppens

Emotion | AMER PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOC | Published : 2015


Emotion differentiation refers to the level of specificity with which people distinguish between their emotional states and is considered to play an important role for psychological well-being. Yet, not much is known about what characterizes people high or low in emotion differentiation and what underlies these differences. In 2 studies involving experience sampling (Studies 1-2) and lab based (Study 2) methods, we investigated how emotion differentiation is related to individual differences in valence focus and the overlap in appraisal patterns between emotions. In line with expectations, results showed that high levels of both positive and negative emotion differentiation are related to lo..

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