Conference Proceedings

Comparison of creep behaviour of geopolymer concrete and OPC concrete

CH Un, JG Sanjayan, R SAN NICOLAS, H Hao (ed.), C Zhang (ed.)

Mechanics of Structures and Materials: Advancements and Challenges - Proceedings of the 24th Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, ACMSM24 2016 | CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) | Published : 2016


Geopolymer Concrete (GPC) is considered to be a more sustainable alternative to traditional Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete (OPCC). This is because unlike OPCC, utilisation of GPC can reduce carbon dioxide emission and consume more industrial by-product, such as slag and fly ash. GPC can achieve high strength and good durability performances, but it was found that the long-term behaviours, creep and shrinkage, of GPC would be different with those of OPCC. Some research showed that GPC made with ground granulated blasted furnace slag can exhibit high creep response. This would affect the serviceability design in the structures constructed with GPC. In this paper, a comparison on creep behav..

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