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Inferring population connectivity across the range of the purple-crowned fairy-wren (Malurus coronatus) from mitochondrial DNA and morphology: Implications for conservation management

A Skroblin, R Lanfear, A Cockburn, S Legge

Australian Journal of Zoology | Published : 2012


Knowledge of population structure and patterns of connectivity is required to implement effective conservation measures for the purple-crowned fairy-wren (Malurus coronatus), a threatened endemic of northern Australia. This study aimed to identify barriers to dispersal across the distribution of M. coronatus, investigate the impact that the recent declines may have on population connectivity, and propose conservation actions to maintain natural patterns of gene flow. Analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences from 87 M. coronatus identified two phylogenetic clusters that corresponded with the phenotypically defined western (M. c. coronatus) and eastern (M. c. macgillivrayi) subspecies. The gene..

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