Live Performance of Creative Work

Pierrot Lunaire: Ein geschlossenes Zauberbuch von Pierrot

D KILLIAN-O'CALLAGHAN, K Bright, K Tan, E Ferris, S Arnold, D Sinfield

Forest Collective | Published : 2016


This modern expressionistic melodrama by Arnold Schoenberg, including poems by the Belgian writer Albert Giraud (translated to German by Otto Erich Hartleben), was performed in a small and intimate setting at the haunting St. Stephen’s Church Richmond. The vivid atonal settings of the text brought to life Pierrot's stories of love, sex, religion, violence, crime, blasphemy and his haunted return home to Bergamo. Director Daniel Sinfield joined Forest Collective for a performance of one of the most important musical works of the 20th century -- Pierrot Lunaire -- framing virtuosic performances by Danae Killian of major Schoenberg piano works.

University of Melbourne Researchers