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Alcohol consumption by breastfeeding mothers: Frequency, correlates and infant outcomes

Rui Yang Tay, Judy Wilson, Clare McCormack, Steve Allsop, Jake M Najman, Lucy Burns, Elizabeth J Elliott, Sue Jacobs, Craig A Olsson, Richard P Mattick, Delyse Hutchinson



INTRODUCTION AND AIMS: There is limited research regarding the effects of alcohol consumption by breastfeeding mothers on infant development. This study examined the frequency, correlates and outcomes of alcohol use during lactation. DESIGN AND METHODS: Data were from an Australian cohort study. Maternal demographics and substance use were assessed during pregnancy and at 8 weeks and 12 months postpartum. Breastfeeding duration, infant feeding, sleeping and development (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) were also assessed postpartum. Logistic regression and general linear model analyses examined characteristics of women who drank during breastfeeding, and the association between alcohol use dur..

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Awarded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Awarded by Australian Research Council Senior Research Fellowship

Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

The research was funded by an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant #GNT630517 to Richard P Mattick, Delyse Hutchinson, Steve Allsop, Jake Najman, Elizabeth Elliott, Lucinda Burns, Sue Jacobs, Craig Olsson and Anne Bartu, and was financially supported by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales. The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and the National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology are funded by the Australian Government under the Substance Misuse Prevention and Service Improvements Grants Fund. We also acknowledge financial support from Australian Rotary Health, the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, and the Financial Markets Foundation for Children (Australia). Richard P Mattick is financially supported by an NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship Award from the NHMRC, and Delyse Hutchinson is financially supported by an Australian Unity Industry Partner Senior Research Fellowship. Craig Olsson is supported by an Australian Research Council Senior Research Fellowship (DORA: DP 130101459). Elizabeth Elliott is supported by an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship #1021480. We thank Fenglian Xu and George Youssef for their advice regarding the data analysis, the research staff who collected the data, the hospitals and antenatal clinics for their assistance with recruitment, and the study participants and their families. We also wish to acknowledge the Cannabis Cohorts Research Consortium; NHMRC Project Grants: AAP1009381, AAP1064893. [Correction has been added on 20 April 2017, after first online publication: Lucy Burns has been corrected to 'Lucinda Burns'.]