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Hemispheric polymicrogyria and neonatal seizures: a potentially life-threatening combination

Paula M Brna, A Simon Harvey, Richard J Leventer

Epileptic Disorders | JOHN LIBBEY EUROTEXT LTD | Published : 2017


Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a heterogeneous malformation of cortical development characterized by excessive gyration and abnormal cortical lamination. Typically, bilateral forms have more severe developmental delay and early-onset epilepsy, but the full spectrum of severity remains ill-defined. We report two cases of right hemispheric PMG and neonatal-onset, drug-resistant seizures culminating in early death. Case 1 began having seizures on Day 1 of life that intensified in severity and proved resistant to numerous antiepileptic drugs. He underwent right functional hemispherectomy but died three weeks post-operatively due to ongoing seizures. Case 2 presented with seizures on Day 3 of life and r..

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