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Effects of a Short-Term Supranutritional Selenium Supplementation on Redox Balance, Physiology and Insulin-Related Metabolism in Heat-Stressed Pigs

F Liu, P Celi, JJ Cottrell, SS Chauhan, BJ Leury, FR Dunshea

Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition | Wiley | Published : 2018


Heat stress (HS) disrupts redox balance and insulin‐related metabolism. Supplementation with supranutritional amounts of selenium (Se) may enhance glutathione peroxidase (GPX) activity and reduce oxidative stress, but may trigger insulin resistance. Therefore, the aim of this experiment was to investigate the effects of a short‐term high Se supplementation on physiology, oxidative stress and insulin‐related metabolism in heat‐stressed pigs. Twenty‐four gilts were fed either a control (0.20 ppm Se) or a high Se (1.0 ppm Se yeast, HiSe) diet for 2 weeks. Pigs were then housed in thermoneutral (20°C) or HS (35°C) conditions for 8 days. Blood samples were collected to study blood Se and oxidativ..

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