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RelB is essential for the development of myeloid-related CD8 alpha(-) dendritic cells but not of lymphoid-related CD8 alpha( ) dendritic cells

L Wu, A D'Amico, KD Winkel, M Suter, D Lo, K Shortman

Immunity | CELL PRESS | Published : 1998


The transcription factor RelB had been shown to be important for dendritic cell (DC) development, but the type of DC involved was not clear. Here, we report that RelB mRNA is expressed strongly in CD8alpha- DEC-205- DC but only weakly in CD8alpha+ DEC-205+ DC. In addition, CD8alpha+ DEC-205+ DC are present and functional in RelB null mice, the DC deficiency being mainly in the CD8alpha- DEC-205- population. By constructing bone-marrow chimeric mice, we demonstrate that the partial deficiency in RelB null thymic DC is a secondary effect of disrupted thymic architecture. However, the deficiency in splenic CD8alpha- DEC-205- DC is a direct, stem cell intrinsic effect of the RelB mutation. Thus,..

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