Journal article

Andaman Islanders, Pygmies, and an extension of Horn's model

PD Dwyer, M Minnegal

Human Ecology | Elsevier | Published : 1985


Horn's model is generalized to state that the "optimal" pattern of distribution for foragers will correlate with the degree of resource patchiness; in particular (1) where resource attributes are less patchy, the "optimal" distribution for foragers is to be dispersed, and (2) where resource attributes are more patchy, the "optimal" distribution for foragers is to be aggregated. "Optimality" is assessed as the minimum round-trip distance from the forager's home base to a resource item. Patchiness is assessed according to the state taken by any of four resource attributes: dispersion (in space), supply (in time), particle size, and lasting properties. Horn's original contrast between (1) stabl..

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