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Editorial: Compulsory wearing of seat belts in New South Wales, Australia. An evaluation of its effect on vehicle occupant deaths in the first year.

M Henderson, R Wood

Med J Aust | Published : 1973


Legislation which now makes the wearing of seat belts compulsory for occupants of motor vehicles for whom belts are available was introduced in New South Wales, Australia, at the end of 1971. A simple regression model was used as a predictor for the 'expected' number of deaths of motor vehicle occupants in 1972. The actual number of deaths of vehicle occupants that year was 25% below the predicted figure, and this drop is shown to be statistically significant. There was no accompanying drop in the total population of New South Wales, the number of licensed drivers, the number of vehicles on the register, the annual number of registration of new vehicles, or the annual consumption of motor sp..

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