Journal article

Secondary inflammatory breast cancer: treatment options.

MA Henderson, CM McBride

South Med J | Published : 1988


Patients with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) have either a short history of a tender, swollen, red breast (primary IBC) or skin changes that develop in the breast after a long history of carcinoma (secondary IBC). Between 1954 and 1981, 96 patients with secondary IBC were given radiotherapy (n = 66), chemotherapy and radiotherapy (n = 16), or surgery and chemotherapy (n = 14) at M. D. Anderson Hospital. The overall survival rate was 36% at five years and 18% at ten years. Patients with clinically negative axillary nodes fared better than patients with involved axillary nodes (median survival 90 and 25 months respectively; chi 2 = 11.71, P less than .001). Local/regional control was achieve..

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